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1999 May
Terri Gibbs resigned as chairman.
John   Blake, a librarian, elected chairman.
John   Blake and Mary Blake represented the Society during the Golden Jubilee visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Eastbury Manor House, Barking.
2002 May
Dorothy   Lockwood and Douglas Waters appointed vice-presidents.
2002 May
Society   mounted a “Barking in the 1950s” exhibition at Barking Central Library to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the start of local history week.
2003 January
Death   of G.S. “Pip” Sanders-Hewett, 6th president.
2004 May
Herbert   Hope Lockwood elected 7th president. Launch of 70th anniversary celebrations.   Bert delivered an address on the history of the Society.
2004 August
Following   the closure of Barking Central Library, the Society moved to the Salvation   Army Hall, Morley Road, Barking.
2004 November
Death of Herbert Hope Lockwood, 7th president.
2005 May
Bill   George, a librarian, elected 8th president.
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